We gave Cocktails and Chemo $1000 so Amanda and her organization could send out 10 care packages to 10 caregivers. A shopping spree for good! Check out the video below.

Below are some thank you's from some very thankful recipients.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful care package I received! It made my day! Cancer sucks! It sucks the energy out of my sweet little boy, fighting for his life everyday! It sucks the life out of me when I have to keep telling him everything will be ok even if I don’t know if it will. It sometimes sucks the joy out of our home when we’re stuck in the hospital for a holiday or missing out on some Summer fun. But it also brings out the best in the people around you and reminds us that there are so many caring souls. Like the volunteers at your organization, that took the time out to put together and ship this thoughtful package to me. For that I am so grateful! I’ve been following your Facebook page for a couple of years and I see the amazing things you’re doing. All the joy you’re bringing to people. It’s a wonderful thing! Take care and God bless!”
— Care Package Recipient