ideas sprout from all angles and if you think you have something that is going to redefine the norm then you gotta keep reading. mobbæffect does more than just fund projects. mobbæffect was born out of an idea that morphed and became what you see today. in our efforts we want to reach out and connect with individuals and teams that are developing the next big platform. 

here's the catch: 

your idea

1 spend time with your idea, get to know it, introduce it to others, get feedback, be willing to change, and let it grow into a form that has character and pizazz. 

it is your idea and you will only have 120 seconds to share it with us... see, there's the catch.

a voicemail

2 that's right, 120 seconds. our collaboration line will be live 24/7, 365 days a year. in order for you to gain access with our team, you will have to impact the audience in such a way that they will want to hear more.  

our team

3 the mobbæffect team will listen to batches of these ideas every 1st and 3rd tuesday of the month. it is not uncommon for the ceos to sit in on these messages and offer input. after review, you will be contacted. the ideas that have traction may be invited for a more in depth over the phone/live video discussion.

mobb support

4 achieving mobb support may be as simple as connecting two like minded individuals or teams to help propel ideas forward. mobb support may result in full funding, development, through an mobbæffect ændowment micro-loan or contribution. heck, if all you need is a web developer or a logo designer we may just offer our talent to you at no charge.

each idea will come with it's own terms and understandings. our team wants to recreate the magic the initial conception and development of mobbæffect in 2014.