t-minus 3 days

hello, world.

we are in a state of excitement, anxiety, long nights, and flow. i understand introductions are in order, so let me offer a brief backstory in haiku:

with friends, redesign
empower those with a passion
through projects we æffect.

i'm not much for a wordsmith, but in short... that's it. 

in a nutshell, a couple of friends ran with an idea until that idea grew into something that made sense to share with the world. it has potential to turn fundraising, charities, annual campaigns, and the practices of a non-profit on it's head. it will be the driving force for creation. this platform will harness the energy of many to produce content, projects, and outcomes impacting people and communities near and far.  

we hope to film and document much of the process. if you like to read, join us on this blog. if you like to listen, wait patiently for our podcast. if you like to watch, hang tight because new content is always in development.  

on friday, we fly to la. this will inevitably drive mobbæffect from project to reality.  

do you know who dwight schrute is?

well, the guy behind dwight is rainn wilson and rainn is a co-founder for a website named soulpancake. 

wikipedia learning: 1) dwight schrute  2) rainn wilson  3) soulpancake

we have a flight to los angeles on friday and we're hosting an ice cream social for the team that makes up the staff of soulpancake. the kicker is that we neglected to set up a meeting. now, this sneaky approach is with purpose. take a second and watch this soulpancake production.

we think it's in better taste to offer our appreciation through a simple, yet well designed ice cream social... and if the opportunity knocks to share our idea, we will.