the current website you're viewing is a framework for developers and content subscribers. the website, in it's current state will be used primarily for content consumption, education, and updates.  

below is a working timeline for the next year of mobbÆffect's development. 

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f a l l   2 0 1 4 

hello, world

introduce mobbÆffect to the world. our goal is to share the concept with as many people as possible and build support via social media. as we step forward, content will become available for subscribers to view and share.

behind the scenes
the fall is a time for recruiting talent to join the mobbÆffect team. talent in all forms will increase the size of the mobbÆffect team. if interested, review job descriptions and apply here.  

w i n t e r   2 0 1 4 

grassroots campaign

a significant amount of mobbÆffect's success relies on user participation. a grassroots content subscriber campaign will build momentum for the organization and will result in the first round of project funding.

behind the scenes 
the full platform that will become mobbÆffect continues development. a website, mobile app, and an actively improving user interface are the primary programs.



s p r i n g   2 0 1 5 

lean forward
momentum builds as mobbÆffect continues to review project ideas, meet with project leaders, and film content for the project videos.  
the frequency of subscriber content will increase as beta testing prepares to begin.  

behind the scenes
the development team will be inching towards beta testing. the board of directors, focus groups, as well as interested subscribers will be able to offer final review prior to beta launch. 

s u m m e r   2 0 1 5

the beta launch for the website will give content subscribers the first opportunity to subscribe as members of the mobbÆffect community. beta testers will partake in weekly "cold" project reveals, videos, and votes. the hope is to live the mobbÆffect process on both the user and developer end for a condensed 6 month period.  

behind the scenes
mobbÆffect will reach out to passionate young cinematographers to produce the fake project videos. these videos will run live with the beta testers. each tester will then vote. the young cinematographer will then be notified to produce a follow up for the testers. 

f a l l   /   w i n t e r   2 0 1 5 

go live.

the launch of the website and mobile app is the starting point for all. early subscribers and beta testers will partake in a member recruitment drive. in addition, the launch will paired with the introduction of the first three projects videos. voting will open the day of the launch, allowing for members to view videos and offer their vote.