our goal is to keep information at a level that is focused and digestible.  

honestly, shoot us a question using the information to the right and we will gladly offer clarity.  

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how does mobbÆffect work?

it's simple. you sign up, create a $1 monthly subscription, we introduce you to three projects a month and you get to vote on which one should receive funding. 

what does "subscribe to content" mean?

since mobbÆffect is in development, it is our effort to gain subscribers to the website. subscribe to content means exactly what it sounds like... we make or feature content and it will be automatically sent your way. in addition, we will have updates regarding our status and development.

is there a fee to subscribe?

no fee. free as air. 

actually, subscribing to content will give you full access to our website and first dibs when we go live later next year.  

will my information be sold to marketing firms, individuals or skeezy advertisers?


your commitment and trust is necessary for mobbÆffect to be successful. transparency is a big factor in our relationship with you. we will do everything in our power to keep you informed.  

i like content and will subscribe to start, but if it's just not what i'm looking for... may i unsubscribe?

duh. each correspondence will offer an opportunity to unsubscribe... easy peasy.

if i dig your content, what can i do to help support mobbÆffect?

if you dig our content...

1) we dig that you dig, thanks!

2) if you have a boatload of money you want to contribute, awesome! a crazy amount of subscribers means greater bandwidth and probably an increase in the team size. these overhead costs may chomp through our budget and every contribution made in support of mobbÆffect is greatly appreciated.  

even if you don't have a boatload of money, contributions to help support overhead are available.

3) the easiest way to support mobbÆffect is to share the content, talk about the idea, and send your friends to subscribe. 

how does mobbÆffect select projects?

first and foremost, projects endure an extensive vetting process. 

project leaders apply online and submit all necessary information for review.  

our team will consult with the project leaders and determine which projects are feature eligible. an independent committee will review the eligible projects and will determine the featured projects for the upcoming month.

a dollar contribution makes sense, but won't the credit card companies take out for a fee?

the $1 you give will always go to fund projects.

yep, it's true. credit cards charge a processing fee and each subscriber can help mobbÆffect cover the cost of these fees by
1) becoming annual members... one processing fee is better than one per month. 

2)  each subscriber is invited to check a box to cover this fee. every donation will 

i see that we can vote on the project we want to receive funding. how many votes do i get?

voting is simple : $1 = 1 vote

each sustaining dollar subscriber to mobbÆffect will receive one vote. you still get one vote, even if you donate $100.

when can i vote?

each month, three new projects will be revealed. voting will open as soon as the videos become available and will close before the end of the month.

more q & a to come...