here's how

it's going to be our goal to be as transparent as possible. mobbÆffect is shining the light so, as a contributor you will know exactly where your money is going and how it's affecting people and communities.

passionate people

got an idea?

all projects start somewhere. some projects will start as an idea at the dinner table while others may have been sparked years ago. mobbÆffect will invite these people to move their idea forward.  

creative projects

apply within

mobbÆffect will recruit projects from all corners of the world. the application process is open to any corporation, non-profit, or individual that passionately wishes to creatively Æffect people and communities. all projects must submit a detailed budget and plan of action before even the first consideration of being selected.


your dollar : your vote

subscription based democracy

all contributions will go to fund projects, 100% always. three projects will be featured each month. this give all active subscribers the opportunity to vote on which project will receive funding. the project with the most votes will receive funding and support form mobbÆffect. 


seeing is believing

each subscriber will see 3 new projects each and every month. mobbÆffect will award project leaders with the money and will provide oversight as they pursue completion of their project. once complete, the mobbÆffect team will revisit the project leaders and film the "effect" video featuring the final product.