executive summary

mobbÆffect is a nonprofit organization committed to creatively æffecting passionate people and projects... for a buck. mobbÆffect is and will forever be a global organizations seeking projects as well as subscribers from every corner of the world.  

mobbÆffect will partner with individuals, organizations, and corporations as project leaders and potential annual subscribers to the mobb.

mobbÆffect is committed to passionate people that have an idea of how to improve community through project implementation.

the current state of fundraising (as a whole) relies on a few key elements:

  1. donations are sought annually
  2. annual donors are almost always asked to increase their giving amount each subsequent year
  3. donors give, but may not be able to see the impact of their contribution and how it directly affects the organization
  4. the impact of a fundraising campaign relies predominantly on large donors or corporate sponsorship and without these contributions, campaigns rarely bolster large success. 

the mobbÆffect design holds three things true:

  1. $12 dollars for annual contributions
  2. amazing people with amazing projects
  3. consistent and ever improving engagement
  4. professionally produced content

the goal of this design is to target millennial donors in a media market that is has a strong emphasis towards intriguing and professional content, transparency, affordability, and ease of renewal. engagement is critical to the success of mobbÆffect. in the design, it's apparent that pairing excellent content with an audience that values creativity will constantly drive subscription upwards. 

project application

a committee of independent volunteers will review project applications on an objective basis. each project will receive a fair assessment on a variety of criterium. projects leaders will work directly with the mobbÆffect team to finalize budgets, promote projects, increase subscription, and achieve funding.  

subscription recruitment

the mobbÆffect team will commit to increase the subscription size through all methods available. the sell is simple, $12 per year buys you membership into mobbÆffect for a full year and during those twelve months you will have the opportunity to view and vote on one of three projects each month. 

content creation

for each project, the mobbÆffect team will develop a short video detailing project goals, highlighting expenses, and introducing project leaders. these short films, produced by the mobbÆffect team will have viral potential and offer subscribers an opportunity to be educated voters during that month.   

we will provide a timeline within the coming pages to better illustrate the process. 

over time, mobbÆffect will create a pathway for donors of all ages to contribute, vote, and see the effect of their contribution.