1.1 Objectives

mobbÆffect is established to provide project development opportunities for communities worldwide. the organization, through contributions of annual mobbÆffect subscribers will fund projects through $12 per year membership. 100% of the $12 per year will go to fund projects.

each month, mobbÆffect features three projects curated by an independent team. the three feature projects appear on the website at the beginning of the month and subscribers have a month's time to view and vote as to which project they believe should receive full funding. the process is set up democratically so that the subscribers may use their vote to influence the outcome of fund distribution. 

mobbÆffect is built on 5 key elements

  • projects: project leaders and project development starts with an application. individuals, for and not for profit organizations, and corporations each have the opportunity to submit an application for review. feature projects that survive an extensive vetting process will be voted upon by the mobb and the project with the most votes will receive full funding.
  • project curators: an independent committee will review all project applications, correspond with project leaders, and determine which ones will be eligible to be reviewed by the selection committee. the selection committee will decide the month's three feature projects.  

subscribers: members of mobbÆffect are individuals of all ages that donate no less than $12 on an annual basis. these members will have full access and monthly voting eligibility for a total of 12 months and automatic presubscription at the end of the 12 month period. subscribers are welcome to donate more, and if they do, the total amount will be equally distributed amongst the 12 months of their membership. no matter the amount donated, all annual subscribers will receive one vote per month.

  • affect videos: mobbÆffect will produce short documentaries of each feature project highlighting project goals and design, communities affected, and the project leader. 
  • effect videos: feature projects that receive the most votes will receive funding. these projects will receive money and time to implement the project. upon completion, the mobbÆffect team will return to produce "the effect," the follow up video that will be shared with all members of the mobbÆffect community.

1.2 mission

the mobbÆffect mission statement:
creatively æffecting passionate people and projects... for a buck.

the following principles are essential to the fulfillment of the mobbÆffect mission:

  • dollar donations: subscription to mobbÆffect will be one dollar a month paid on an annual basis.
  • 100% goes to fund projects: the $12 annual contribution is equally split among the 12 months. the monthly contribution will be allocated to the winning project.
  • commitment to content: mobbÆffect will always produce engaging, informative, and excellent content for subscribers. 
  • duty to transparency: in the end, there will be no question how money is allocated, how projects are selected, and how mobbÆffect happens.

1.3 Keys to Success

  • establish a strong network of support
  • remain relevant with viral content through effective storytelling 
  • maintain an engaging social media presence
  • establish pilot programs to harness non-target demographics to continue to grow the subscriber base
  • launch a robust website that promotes transparency, encourages subscription, offers recognition, and highlights the success of mobbÆffect
  • build in subscriber recognition and reward programs
  • develop statistical analysis of funds raised, achievements, and projects impact on community